Rugby mum abused outside school gates raises awareness of ‘agonising’ condition

Louise Brady with her children, Kendra and Tristan
Louise Brady with her children, Kendra and Tristan

A mum has spoken out about her ‘agonising’ condition in a bid to raise awareness after she was verbally abused by a parent at the school gates.

Louise Brady suffers from fibromyalgia, a central nervous system disorder which causes extreme pain and fatigue.

The 39 year old and her husband Michael, who works full time, have a personal assistant/carer who helps with Louise’s medication, housework and looking after their two children, seven-year-old Kendra and four-year-old Tristan.

Louise’s carer had an accident and was unable to collect the children from school last week. So Louise, who has to rest after every-day activities such as showering, picked her children up from school.

She has the school’s permission to park in a disabled parking space as her blue badge is due to be posted out soon and her son, Tristan, has learning development issues.

But while she was putting her children safely into the car, a mother passing by shouted ‘There’s f*** all wrong with her’.

Louise said: “I couldn’t believe she was talking to me and being so aggressive. She was a typical bully and coward and walked away after shouting at me, and obviously I couldn’t go after her as I struggle to walk, let alone run.

“It was an awful example to set in front of my children and her own.”

Louise said the school’s headteacher had been ‘amazing’ and has asked anyone who knows who the woman was to contact Long Lawford Primary School on (01788) 543332.

Louise said: “The woman was clearly judging based on appearances and you can’t do that with disabilities. Just because someone isn’t in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they aren’t in agonising pain.”

Before her condition was triggered by the birth of her son four years ago, Louise was a designer and came second in the National Bridal Awards. She also designed clothes for H&M.

“It is so frustrating not being able to do what I love. I hope that people will be more aware of fibromyalgia in the future,” she said.