Rugby mum and son dragged from wreckage of crash after driver failed to stop

Siobhan and Charlie were helped by passersby
Siobhan and Charlie were helped by passersby

A mum and her 18-month-old son were dragged from the wreckage of a crash by passersby after the driver of the other car involved failed to stop.

Siobhan Adams and her young son, Charlie Foster, turned off Ashlawn Road on to Onley Lane on Sunday at around 5pm when the incident occurred.

The 23-year-old noticed the oncoming car was in the middle of the road and moved her vehicle as far left as possible. The driver then corrected their position and Siobhan continued down the road.

The driver then suddenly weaved in front of her and she swerved to avoid a head-on crash but her wheel was clipped by the oncoming blue Citroen.

Siobhan, who works at the new Debenhams store at Elliott’s Field retail park, lost control of her car and ended up in a ditch.

“I was really frightened as I had no control over the car and I couldn’t get my bearings,” she said.

“Charlie was screaming and I desperately wanted to make sure he was okay but I couldn’t get to him. I was panicking. It really was awful.”

A passing family stopped to help and the man dragged Siobhan to safety after rescuing Charlie from his car seat.

“I cannot believe the driver left us for dead,” Siobhan said.

“If that family hadn’t stopped to help us then who knows what could have happened. No one could see us from the road and I couldn’t reach my phone or open the car door.

“To drive away after a serious crash is so heartless. I am so grateful to the family that stopped to help and I would like to thank them for everything they did.”

Charlie and Siobhan were checked over at the Hospital of St Cross and fortunately they escaped the crash with bruises and no serious injuries.

Siobhan said the incident has put a strain on her finances this close to Christmas and she would struggle to afford to buy a new car.

She has also struggled to travel to work without a car.

“It’s difficult to arrange lifts to work and it’s hard to organise dropping Charlie off at daycare,” she said.

“For this to happen so close to Christmas is horrible and I hope the other driver comes forward and does the right thing.”

Anyone with information that may help can call police on 101, quoting incident 306 of November 29.