Rugby mum’s fitness mission

Mum Amina Ward with daughter Matilda
Mum Amina Ward with daughter Matilda

A fitness fanatic from Rugby has used her experience of regaining fitness after having her baby into a business to help others get post-natal fit.

Mum-of-one Amina Ward who is a fitness instructor gave birth to her daughter Matilda last April.

After Matilda arrived she found that it was a struggle for her to get to the gym, find childcare and have the motivation and confidence to train.

Frustration lead to her develop a programme for other women who were trying to get back into fitness after having baby.

Amina said: “Whilst on maternity leave I set myself a mission to get people exercising regularly.

“A year ago we were blessed with our beautiful little lady, Matilda, but wanted to get back my full fitness.

“I could relate to the struggles women faced getting to a gym and finding childcare.

“So I made it easy - I developed a program that allowed them to bring their baby with them, even using their baby in a workout if needed.

“My mums and babies HIIT training grew and I also developed a quick 45-minute bootcamp class for men and women who were time poor.

The entrepreneurial Amina added to her fitness programs when inspired to provide workouts for clients even when away from home.

Amina added: “Whilst abroad I kept my bootcampers and HIIT mums exercising by providing workouts and remote nutrition planning, this is where the Be Better Fitness Training online portal was born.

“All of a sudden more and more people were getting in contact, both men and women alike.

“I now have a vision and mission to assist people to remove the barriers that they are faced with when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

“We have torn down these barriers on our online members portal.

“Going online removes the barriers from everyday exercise no matter what your lifestyle - even with a toddler hanging of your hip or being stuck in a hotel room.”

The online service offers support to her clients with daily video workouts, lifestyle adapted workouts, daily challenges, advice on nutrition and an online community providing 24-hour, seven-day-a-week support.

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