Rugby mum walks in memory of her popular daughter Lizzie who died from cancer

Jo Shakespeare.
Jo Shakespeare.

A mother who lost her daughter a month before she was due to celebrate her 18th birthday is now raising money in her memory.

Jo Shakespeare said it was August 2012 when Lizzie was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the form of a tumour on her chest.

Prior to diagnosis, the Rugby High School pupil was an active teenager, having not long returned from a skiing trip in Italy.

She was also a very keen dancer who especially enjoyed ballet.

Jo said: “She spent a total of three weeks in hospital, half in Walsgrave and half in the Teenage Cancer Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

“During this time she had the first of six doses of chemotherapy, which was given once every three weeks. At the halfway PET scan, everything looked great, the tumour was shrinking very well.”

In early 2013 results would show that the tumour had completely disappeared.

Jo added: “In mid January Lizzie started to get severe headaches and vomiting and she was finally admitted to hospital where they found a brain tumour.

“She was given two doses of extra strong chemotherapy but it had no effect. There then followed an operation but unfortunately not all of the tumour could be removed.”

After more treatment, Lizzie sadly lost her battle.

Since then, her mum has been raising money for the charities who helped her daughter.

She recently took part in a 62 mile walk, which took 26 hours and 52 minutes.

It’s called the Grand Union Challenge and is organised by Action Challenge.

To give to the fundraiser, visit