Rugby Mummers Play to be performed at town centre pubs

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FOR the first time in years the old Rugby Mummers Play will be performed in the town.

A group of folk enthusiasts, travelling under the name of de Rokebie’s Od Morrice, will perform the play around five Rugby pubs on Friday night.

Performers will re-enact a battle between King George and a Turkish Knight - characters in many of England’s mummers plays.

The modern tradition of mumming has its origins in the 18th century and there were once hundreds of plays performed around the country in the run up to Christmas. Most plays died out at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, but many have been revived in recent years.

The Rugby Mummers Play was written in November 1899.

The play, which lasts about 10 minutes, will be performed at several town centre pubs tomorrow night as follows: The Squirrel 7pm; The Victoria Inn 7.30pm; The Dirty Duck/Black Swan 8pm; The Prince of Wales 8.30pm; The Webb Ellis 9pm.