Rugby parents sad over closure of Eastlands pre-school

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Parents and children were shocked after being given two days notice that the pre-school at Eastlands Primary was closing.

Some mothers were in tears at the gates of the Lansdowne Place school on Friday.

The decision was made at an emergency meeting of the school’s governing body.

Carly Birch, who left the premises in tears, said: “It’s the end of an era and I’m absolutely devastated.

“The pre-school has been a large part of my history and life will not be the same without it. Staff have always been wonderful.”

Cheryl Shepherd said her two girls attended Eastlands Primary School and her son was in the pre-school.

“I found out about the closure by letter,” she said.

“My son left pre-school and his wonderful pre-school teachers thinking he would see them again next week but he won’t.

“With no notice at all, him and a bunch of his friends, as well as the pre-school teachers, have been let down.”

Claire Chudasama, who has three boys, said she was disappointed by the decision.

“It’s such a shame.”

Headteacher Joanne Corrigan said the pre-school has experienced difficulties for some time due to inconsistent staffing levels.

She said: “The recent departure of the pre-school manager has led the governing body to conclude that all options for keeping the pre-school open have now been exhausted.

“All parents of children using the pre-school have been informed of this closure and Warwickshire County Council’s Family Information Service will be working closely with them to find alternative provisions for their children.”

The decision to close the service was taken following advice from WCC and Ofsted who both advised that it would likely be in breach of its legal obligation with regards to welfare if it was to carry on.