Rugby people urged to put more food in green bins

A new campaign aims to encourage people in Rugby to recycle more food and garden waste in the council’s green bins.

The borough council’s recycling lorries now carry the message: ‘Did you feed your green bin today?’

The green bins can take fruit and vegetables, meat and bones, bread and pastries, dairy products and fish - in addition to waste from the garden.

Last year the council collected 10,000 tonnes of food and garden waste - a quarter of all waste collected in the borough.

But with recent figures showing Warwickshire residents throw away more than £26 million worth of fruit and vegetables every year, the council wants residents to make the most of the green bins.

Food waste can be disposed of loose, wrapped in sheets of newspaper or in compostable bags.

And within a fortnight of arriving at a treatment site near Southam, the borough’s food waste has been turned into compost.

Cllr Dr Mark Williams, the borough councillor responsible for policy regarding recycling, said: “Thanks to the efforts of residents, we already recycle more than 50 per cent of our waste in the borough.

“We’re in the top quarter of council’s across the country for recycling, but we’re keen to recycle even more.

“Ideally, we should avoid throwing away food by planning our shopping trips and using up leftovers.

“But by raising awareness of what residents can put in the green bins, we hope to minimise the food and garden waste sent to landfill and increase our support for the environment.”

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