Rugby Philharmonic Choir forced to cancel 2012 Christmas concert

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THE annual Christmas concert, presented by Rugby Philharmonic Choir, has been cancelled.

The event was due to take place on December 8 at the Temple Speech Room at Rugby School.

But the choir has today (Thursday) been forced to cancel the event after a problem with the heating in the venue.

Secretary Doreen Long said: “The heating has gone and it’s going to take weeks to fix because the boiler is so huge.

“We are absolutely devastated but there’s nothing that can be done.”

“We can’t subject people to that. It’s freezing cold out there and it’s not fair on the people taking part or the audience. It’s so big and high in there that it gets very cold very quickly. People just would not stay.”

The choir has held a Christmas concert since 1847 and it’s only the second time in recent history that it’s had to be cancelled.

Doreen said: “It had to be cancelled in the 90s due to a heavy snowfall but it’s the only one I can ever remember.”

Doreen and the musical director have been busy searching for another venue but to no avail.

She said: “There’s nowhere big enough with an organ. We’ve been rehearsing since September 2 and it’s been very intense. It was a wonderful programme of Christmas music so it’s very sad. We’re absolutely devastated.”

Refunds will be given to anyone who has already bought a ticket. People with tickets are advised to go back to the people who they brought it from.

People are urged to help spread the word so people don’t turn up on the night to buy tickets.