Rugby property: make sure you get when it comes to selling

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When buying from a shop or eating out at a restaurant a meal people expect a good service.

But when it comes to selling our homes we often just accept the ‘status quo’ even though we may be really frustrated with it.

Graham Lee, manager at Complete estate agents, said: “When selling your home, one of the most difficult decisions is which agent to choose to sell your prize asset. Many of us find a couple of local agents, give them a call and ask them to value our property. We then pick the one we prefer and wait for them to work their magic.

“If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you are not alone. If we are buying something on eBay we check a person’s rating and their testimonials, and even may see what other items they are selling – in effect we research.

This should be the same when you are looking for an estate agent. Check out their websites, how they present their other properties on Rightmove, read their brochures and engage with them on social media.

I would always recommend that you interview your agent, and yes I did use the word interview.

“You are hiring them to provide a service so you need to make sure you have the agent that will work for you. Have a list of questions for each agent.”

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