Rugby rallies to help Mia after cruel theft

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Little Mia Williams will soon have a brand new wheelchair after hers was cruelly stolen from outside her Rugby home.

And her new mode of transport is all thanks to the generosity of Rugby people who have rallied around during the last week to help Mia, six, who was born without any eyes and has cerebral palsy.

Mia’s mum Fran Condy said: “We are so overwhelmed. We can’t believe everyone has been so kind.

“It’s made us feel like Rugby is such a strong community.”

Mia’s wheelchair was stolen from outside the family home in Oxford Street on Tuesday last week. Mia, who goes to Brooke School, can’t walk or even sit up, meaning her parents were having to carry here everywhere.

This week Rugby Round Table 113 has offered to pay for a new specialist wheelchair for Mia.

Malcolm Freeman, from Rugby Round Table 113, said: “We would normally make decisions about how to spend the social fund at one of our official meetings.

“On this occasion, however, we were all at a social event talking about the awful theft of Mia’s wheelchair. We were all so moved that we decided there and then to donate a portion of our funds to replace Mia’s wheelchair as quickly as we could.”

Rugby Round Table 113 is a non-profit organisation for men in and around Rugby which raises money for local causes.

Mr Freeman said: “We raise our funds through events such as the annual Rugby fireworks display, so really it’s the people of Rugby who are making the donation and making such a fantastic difference to Mia and her family.”

The family thanked the Round Table and everyone in Rugby for their support, including Richard and Jean Townsend from Midvale Garage and Military Fitness Circuits.

Fran said: “Without her chair Mia couldn’t go outside, get on the bus to school, or go out for a walk - her life suddenly shrunk to the confines of where we could and could not carry her.

“It made us realise how incredibly lucky Mia is that she usually has the freedom of having a hi-tech specially designed chair. It made us think about children who have never had a chair in the first place, and how difficult and limiting this must make life for them and their families.”

The family are now organising a fundraising day in Rugby later in the summer for Motivation - a charity close to their hearts.

Motivation provides high-quality, low cost wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy in developing countries.

Mia’s dad Dean Williams said: “We’ve had amazing support from the Rugby community. These people don’t have a strong community like us. It would be amazing if we could help them.”

Details of the fundraiser will be published in the Advertiser nearer the time, as well as a fundraiser due to be organised by Military Fitness Circuits.