Rugby rangers rescue lost racing pigeon who queued for food in Greggs

A Rugby first ranger releases Shaky.
A Rugby first ranger releases Shaky.

A lost racing pigeon with a taste for pastry that saw him queuing for food at Greggs has been reunited with his owner in Liverpool thanks to Rugby's rangers.

Rugby First Rangers have reunited ‘Shaky’ the racing pigeon with its owner after the bird made several visits to Greggs in Rugby town centre.

A Rugby First ranger with Shaky.

A Rugby First ranger with Shaky.

The racing pigeon from Liverpool had joined Greggs customers and seemed to have no fear of people.

The store manager called Rugby First Rangers who flew to Greggs in Market Place, captured the bird and called the owner - who advised ‘Shaky’ would return home on release.

After rangers released Shaky from their base at Bloxham Court, he flew off in the direction of Greggs.

Shortly after a call was received to say he was back at the shop.

The rangers returned and recaptured Shaky and this time he was sent back to his owner via courier.

Sean Sharpe, manager of Greggs said: “At Greggs we are used to having a wide variety of customers, catering for a variety of tastes and offering good customer service but with ‘Shaky’ we had to draw a line.

"While he created interest with our customers and was very well-behaved, from a health and safety perspective we could not have him in the shop.”

Aftab Gaffar, Rugby First managing director, said: “The Rangers deal with all sorts of incidents and situations in the town centre but I have to say this was slightly unusual.

"They were able to sort the problem and thanks to them Shaky is back home and Greggs are pigeon free – guess you could say another feather in the cap for the Rugby Rangers.”