Rugby representation sent as evidence for Office of Fair Trading petrol investigation

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RUGBY MP Mark Pawsey has sent all the representations he has received from Rugby residents about petrol prices to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

Following the Government’s decision to set up an investigation into the price of fuel, Mr Pawsey has sent all representations he has received from Rugby residents to the OFT to act as written evidence for the inquiry.

The OFT is looking at three particular areas in their investigation: whether or not changes in crude oil are being felt in changes at the pumps, the difference between diesel and petrol prices and the dominance of supermarkets crowding out independent suppliers.

Mr Pawsey said: “I am very happy that the Government has called this investigation into fuel prices. Over the past year I have been contacted by many local residents who have each told me of the frustration that fuel prices in Rugby are often higher than in neighbouring towns. In addition many are concerned that fuel prices are quick to come up but slow to come down.

“I am now passing every single one of these representations that I have received to the OFT for their consideration. The OFT have assured me that they will be taking account of all the evidence they receive when they publish their report in the new year.

“This means that the voices of Rugby residents are being heard in this investigation and I welcome the opportunity I have had to pass on their concerns. I eagerly await the report at the beginning of next year.”