Rugby residents reminded by police to keep doors and windows locked during the hot weather after burglaries in Overslade and Hillmorton

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AS the warm weather finally arrives police in Warwickshire are issuing a timely reminder to householders to make sure they close and lock doors, downstairs windows and patio doors when they move to another part of the house, go out into the garden, and before they go to bed.

The warning comes after two cars were stolen in separate incidents in Rugby when burglars gained entry to the addresses through unlocked doors.

In the first incident in the Overslade area of Rugby a blue Ford Fiesta car was stolen overnight Monday into Tuesday (22 May) after thieves entered the house overnight and stole the keys which were hanging up on a hook in the kitchen. It is believed the back door had been left unlocked.

In another incident in the Hillmorton area the owner of a silver Toyota Yaris discovered the car keys had been taken and the car stolen from outside the house after they left the keys on a work top in the kitchen and went into the garden. This theft took place at shortly after 9am on Tuesday morning.

George Stepney, community safety manager for Warwickshire Police said: “These two incidents highlight exactly why people need to get in to the habit of locking doors even when you are in the house.

“In fine warm weather people naturally tend to have their windows open more to air the house, and they also spend more time in the garden, but in doing so peole also need to make sure your home is secure at all times.

“It is important that people get into a routine of closing and locking doors and windows, and patio doors, before they go to bed at night. During the day, while it is lovely to have fresh air coming in through open windows, always make sure you close the window when you move to another part of the house, or go outside.

“An open window, or an unlocked door is an invitation for a burglar to come in and steal your hard earned property.”