Rugby’s “Amazon Anna” releases CD to help struggling wildlife

Anna with one of her friends.
Anna with one of her friends.

A musician was so moved by her experience in the Amazon she has made a CD to raise money and awareness of threatened wildlife.

Anna Perry wants to educate people about the ecological problems and value of conservation in the world.

Anna with her CD.

Anna with her CD.

She said: “Moved by the experience of living and working in the Amazon rainforest last summer with incredible wild animals, I’d like to share with you an insight into the wildlife and its struggle to survive.

“These beautiful creatures have lost their homes and freedom to deforestation, illegal trade and captivity. Making a connection with these animals through caring for them in quarantine before rehabilitation, has left me with the deepest respect. We can learn much from their ways of being as to how we have evolved, what we need to survive and the precious relationship between wildlife and its natural environment.”

Anna said the fragile ecosystem in which these species live is vulnerable to abuse from human ignorance, greed and industry.

She added: “We owe it to them.

“As a species ourselves, we may well go down with the rest of nature if we continue to exploit, abuse and overuse it, instead of protecting and preserving its natural balance.

“My heartfelt thanks goes out to all friends I worked with at Ambue Ari, Inti Wara Yassi, and the support of my dear friends and family back home in encouraging me on this life changing journey.”

Anna is donating sales of her CD to help animals.

“I hope it gets lots of support,” she added.

Priced £5, 40 per cent of profits will go to Communidad Intiwarayassi to support rescued wildlife in Bolivia. To buy a CD contact

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