Rugby’s Clock Towers evacuated

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A SECURITY threat led to Clock Towers shopping centre and surrounding streets briefly being evacuated today.

The alarm was raised at about 12.45 today (Thursday). Police have yet to make a statement, but it is understood the alert is not due to a fire hazard. Around half an hour later the authorities declared the shopping centre safe and re-opened it.

Fiona Sewell, who was out shopping with her nine-year-old son, spoke to the Advertiser moments after the alert.

She said: “I was stood by the clock tower when I suddenly got a bad feeling. Because I felt uneasy about something I didn’t let my son use the toilet in the shopping centre. Moments later two police cars went down the slip road by Argos and I was refused entry to the centre and moved on. It quickly became evident that there was a serious situation happening.

“We hurried over the road where I tried to visit a bank, but was not allowed in there either. It seemed like every direction I went in I was told to turn around and go the other way. I saw at least three police cars rushing through town.

She added: “I’m so glad that I didnt let my son go into the centre. I just hope that whatever’s happened, no one’s been hurt.”

A pensioner, who did not want to be identified, said: “I was in Boots when an alarm went off, a security announcement said to get out of the shopping centre. I wasn’t scared but was hurried out of the centre.”

More details, including a statement from police, to follow.