Rugby school 'delighted' over police plan to tackle problem parking

Rugby Town East Safer Neighbourhood team is set to patrol Paddox Primary School after residents identified unsafe parking as a serious issue in the area.

Wednesday, 11th October 2017, 4:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 5:27 am
Paddox Primary School.

The team will patrol the area around the Fareham Avenue school for the next three months in an attempt to deter unsafe parking – a move which has been welcomed by the school.

A spokesperson for the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) said: “Can we remind parents and residents that the reason behind why we issue warnings and tickets, is so that we can make a safer environment for children and residents surrounding schools.

Residents have taken to social media to slam what they say is inconsiderate parking near the school.

One resident said some motorists are blocking pavements and drives - meaning others are sometimes forced to walk in the road.

A spokesperson for the school said: “Paddox is delighted that additional police patrols are being introduced in order to remind parents of the perils of dangerous parking.

“In the Paddox Home/School agreement, that parents, the school and pupils sign, there is a bullet point for parents which states: Ensure all children’s safety by observing the parking/stopping restrictions in the streets around the school.

They said: “Each year and several times throughout the year, the school reminds parents/carers about the need for careful and responsible parking at drop off and pick up times.

“We have staggered entry and exit times and two members of staff on duty every day, morning and evening to monitor the situation at both gates."

Headteacher, Jane Le Poidevin said: “The most important message that we continually give our parents/carers, is that we want to continue to work together to keep all our children and families safe, while maintaining positive relationships with our local neighbours.”