Rugby School named ‘best school for maths for girls’ in Good Schools Guide 2015

Rugby School
Rugby School

Rugby School has won two mathematics awards from the Good Schools Guide 2015.

The school picked up Excellence in Free-Standing Maths Level 3 (boys) and Gold in Free-standing Maths Level 3 (girls).

The Gold award rates the school’s performance as the best English School for Girls in the qualification.

Free-Standing maths is an extension course which Rugby School and other top academic schools teach to their strongest mathematicians.

The qualification is offered alongside IGCSE maths at Rugby School in order to enrich the education of the best mathematicians.

It also provides strong foundations for sixth form mathematics courses like A-level maths and the academically rigorous Pre-U maths and further maths qualifications.

The Free-Standing course contains a mix of pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics with syllabus material at both AS and A2 levels of difficulty.

It culminates in a two-hour examination taken at the end of Year 11.

Matt Baker, Head of Mathematics at Rugby School, said: ‘I am delighted by these prestigious awards.

“We have achieved impressive results over the last few years and the Mathematics Department is thriving. There has been a 50 per cent increase in candidates taking further mathematics at the end of the Upper Sixth Form this year, and over 60 per cent of the incoming Lower Sixth Form in September have opted for mathematics as a subject.

“Many of our students go on to University to study either mathematics or related courses such as engineering, natural sciences, physics and economics, which highlights the importance of excellent teaching, academic enrichment and of course success in the subject.”

The Good Schools Guide awards are given to schools that out-perform all other English schools in the category or for displaying excellent performance. They are based on a detailed analysis of the most recent examination results and are designed to highlight consistently good teaching.