Rugby school places ‘crisis’ eased

Parental fines for school absences has spiralled by 61%
Parental fines for school absences has spiralled by 61%

Parents may find it easier to get their child a school place after a £2 million plan to expand some of Rugby’s schools was passed last week.

Warwickshire County Council approved permanent and temporary expansions of some schools at a meeting on Tuesday.

Eastlands Primary School has agreed to take an extra 30 children into its reception this September.

A temporary classroom has been delivered and headteacher Jo Corrigan said it was a positive for the school.

She said:“We felt that children should be able go to their local primary school and now we’re in a position to take on more pupils and so that’s a really good thing.”

Boughton Leigh Junior School will have a permanent extension by September next year.

Headteacher Carl Thornton said: “Parents are moving here and hearing good things about us so it’s great to be filling up on recommendations.

“We currently have 15 classes and 15 classrooms, but next year we’ll need an extra building for the extra pupils.”

Long Lawford Primary School will be permanently extended in September 2015, but for now three temporary classrooms will help accommodate more pupils.

Paddox Primary School will take an extra form and additional pedestrian access points to the school have been proposed.

Extra places at secondary schools will also be created. A report presented to the county council’s cabinet on Tuesday stated: “There is a shortfall of places across Rugby in general and a number of schools in the area have already been expanded. Discussions need to take place with secondary phase providers in the town to agree a short-term solution whilst taking into account the long-term implications of ongoing development across the area.

“As a short-term solution we will require an additional form of entry across the secondary phase. The anticipated cost of this proposal is £1,600,000.

“An additional form of entry at Key Stage 2 within West Rugby is also required,at an anticipated cost of £1,250,000.”

The issue provoked a number of comments on the Advertiser’s Facebook page, with Cllr Bill Lewis writing: “The situation is a potential crisis, with over 10,000 new houses likely in Rugby over the next few years and 50,000 over Warwickshire as a whole. There has to be a structured overall schools expansion plan for our county.”