Rugby soldier enjoys sweet taste of success after winning competition

Sgt Marc Bridges.
Sgt Marc Bridges.

Chefs from the Queen’s Royal Hussar’s have been showcasing their culinary skills and flair for dtails in a Christmas cake competition.

After a studious period where the judges considered the merits of each cake, the first prize went to Rugby soldier Sergeant Mark Bridges.

Speaking after the presentations Mark said: “Competitions like these are fantastic as it gives us chefs the opportunity to showcase our skills and while everyone takes them serious it is a nice break from our normal duties.

“For the younger chefs it is also good experience as it takes them out of their comfort zone but provides an opportunity to promote themselves and show off their initiative and individualism.”

Mark said he was surprised to win the competition, held in Germany.

He said: “I was shocked!

“I have been in the trade for 25 years now and its the first time I have ever won so yes, I was shocked.”

The number of entries and level of skill on show was particularly pleasing for The Queen’s Royal Hussars Masterchef Staff Sergeant Marc Larsen who said: “In total we had 12 entries and all the chefs have shown a great level of application and creativity with the cake designs.

“A lot of work and commitment goes into making the cakes, in average about 14 days, but the chef’s enjoy the competitive edge the competition brings and from a catering perspective it is good to see their enthusiasm and technical skills being demonstrated.”