Rugby soldier’s Christmas message to his family back home

Private Dean Logue
Private Dean Logue

A Rugby soldier undertaking a six-month United Nations peacekeeping mission in Cyprus has sent a message home to his family for Christmas.

Dean Logue, 26, a 2 Mercian private, said: “Happy Christmas to my Mum Linda and my girlfriend Paige, hope you both have a good Christmas, see you when I get back.”

The peacekeeping mission is one of the longest ever running United Nations missions.

2 Mercian are patrolling the buffer zone known as the ‘Green Line’ and keeping a watchful eye over the opposing Greek and Turkish Forces who have been at a stalemate since 1974.

The soldiers patrol by vehicle, foot or by mountain bike depending on the nature and type of patrol. When on patrol the soldiers talk to the local people of the island and help to ensure that the UN mandate is maintained.

One of the areas the troops are based is in a UN base in the centre of the Cypriot capital Nicosia as well as a disused international airport between the opposing sides.