Rugby Street Pastors: never too bust to help on a big night in town

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BEING a cleaner at work and a single mum at home, Tanya Hinch could be forgiven for relaxing on the sofa every Saturday night.

But she’s the latest to give up her valuable free time to patrol the town as a Street Pastor.

Tanya was part of a new group commissioned at a ceremony in Caldecott Park earlier this month to help anyone getting into trouble on a night out.

And she is clear about her motivation for taking part.

She said: “I was once the vulnerable drunk girl in the town at night and I want to help people feel safe.”

Tanya became interested when Street Pastor co-ordinator Bob Reeve spoke at Christ Church in Brownsover. She has joined them as an observer twice while training for the role.

Tanya, who will be giving up every third Saturday from 10pm to 4am, added: “I want to be able to plant a seed of kindness in somebody, even if it’s just with a smile.”

Rugby Street Pastors are volunteers from church groups across Rugby who give up one weekend per month to patrol the town centre through the evening into the small hours.

Pastors stay in touch with pubs and clubs so they are aware of anyone being thrown out or causing trouble.

They offer help to people who may have had too much to drink and leave themselves vulnerable.

Bob Reeve said: “A presence of Street Pastors at 3.30 in the morning around the clock tower in Rugby Town Centre, where intoxicated clubbers congregate whilst waiting for a taxi, brings a calming, reassuring influence.

“Many people have said they feel much safer when they see Street Pastors are watching out for them.

“The role is not about preaching heaven and hell, but one of listening, caring and helping - working in an unconditional way.”

Call 07738 362899 for more information on the pastors’ work.