Rugby Theatre digging down to a Tomb with a View

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‘AGATHA Christie meets the Addams Family’ is how the latest production at Rugby Theatre has been described.

Comedy thriller A Tomb with a View, which runs between October 20 and October 27 at 7.30pm, and is regarded as one of theatre’s all time favourite comedies having been penned by Norman Robbins, who made his name performing with stars such as Morcombe and Wise and Ronnie Barker. The play is set in a sinister old library presided over by a portrait of a grim-faced, mad-eyed old man. There, a dusty lawyer reads a will (involving a vast fortune) to an equally strange and sinister family. By the third act, there are more corpses than live members left in the cast.

Director Steve Orton said: “The play is simply hilarious and following my first reading of it I hankered to direct it at Rugby. The strong interest at auditions shored up my good opinion of the show, and the cast have had a ball creating the sinister characters and tight suspense. Come along for an great evening of theatre.”

Tickets can be bought from the box office: (01788) 541234.