Rugby Theatre forced to cancel Master Class show due to illness

Christine Evans as Maria Callas in Master Class
Christine Evans as Maria Callas in Master Class

Rugby Theatre has been forced to cancel its show after the leading actress was taken ill.

Master Class, which was due to open last Saturday for a six-night run, has been halted after Christine Evans, who would have played Maria Callas, fell ill.

A spokesperson for Rugby Theatre said cancelling the show was a very rare but necessary decision.

All ticket holders will be contacted and will receive a full refund.

It is hoped Master Class will be re-scheduled ‘in the not too distant future’.

A Rugby Theatre spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, due to the health of our leading actress we have reluctantly had to cancel this week’s run of Master Class.

“We considered every alternative option, but to do both the play and our patrons justice, with only a couple of days’ notice, we felt we had no 
alternative. The decision was not taken lightly and is a very rare occurrence at Rugby Theatre.

“All ticket holders are being contacted and will receive a full refund.

“The support from our patrons has been overwhelming and we thank them wholeheartedly for both their patience and understanding.

“The play is one we were excited about presenting and so we are hoping to fit it in to our schedule at some point in the not too distant future.”

The multi-award winning play Master Class drops in on opera diva Maria Callas as she tries to pass on her years of knowledge to three students.

The show had been directed by Margaret Dulcamara and would have featured performances from Rita Santos, from Portugal, and Josephina Achaval, from Argentina.

Theatre stalwart Tim Sell would have joined them, along with Mervyn Bethell. Greg Higgison, who plays a stagehand, would have been making his debut.