Rugby to Southam road named most dangerous in West Midlands

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The A426 between Rugby and Southam has been named as the most dangerous road in the West Midlands.

Between 2007 and 2011 the road suffered 38 serious or fatal crashes. Of these, 24 per cent involved pedestrians, 35 per cent occurred at junctions and 26 per cent happened when vehicles ran off the road.

The research was carried out by the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP).

The stretch of road includes Leicester Road and Dunchurch Road, but it’s thought the section where most serious or fatal incidents occur runs between Dunchurch and Southam.

Cllr Howard Roberts, whose ward has a section of the A426 going through it, said: “The statistic that the A426 has such a worrying history of accidents is shocking but not entirely unexpected. I will be using this point to stress to the council that we do not want to see a road safety funding cut to this section of road, when budget decisions are made over the coming months.”

He added: “Road safety needs to remain a top priority, especially in the rural areas where roads are vital for maintaining prosperous communities and fostering good business infrastructure.”

Stephen Rumble, who works in road safety at Warwickshire County Council, said the stretch of road had undergone many safety modifications since data was collected for the report.

“Thankfully, since the modifications were made accidents on the A426 have gone down,” he added.

“In 2012 the number of serious crashes had been reduced to four, and up until the end of August this year there had been none.

“Improvements have included lowering the speed limit to 50 miles per hour, installing speed cameras by Stockton and installing numerous signs and road markings between Rugby and Southam.”