Rugby to trial new benefits

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Rugby is one of six places in the UK where the Government’s new benefits system will be tested in October.

Universal Credit is a new welfare benefit that will replace six of the main means-tested benefits and tax credits including JSA, income support, ESA, tax credits, housing benefit and support for childcare costs. The Government claims the system will siimplify the benefits system but the amount claimants will receive depends on a several factors determined by personal circumstances.

Mark Pawsey MP said: “The reforms to our tax and benefit system are making sure work always pays. This Government is making sure changes are brought in sensibly and safely.

This announcement is the next stage of delivery for Universal Credit, following the successful start of the early roll out in April. Previously, schemes were too often launched with a big bang and then the clear-up happened afterwards.

“This announcement, that Rugby is one of six new areas to roll out the scheme, proves the Government is determined to bring this much needed reform in securely.”

While several polls indicate public support for shrinking the benefits system, not everyone is convinced.

Pete McClaren, of Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, said: “We’ve launch a campaign of information about the changes it will mean.

“This looks like the classic poverty trap, conspiring to limit claimants to lives characterised by poor work, low grade housing and limited opportunities.

“This will cause untold extra suffering to low paid workers and those unable to work.”