Rugby Undateables star Justin back on the TV

Justin Coling
Justin Coling

It’s been two years since Justin Coling first appeared on popular matchmaking show The Undateables.

And now he’s due to appear on a new edition of the show, looking back at how he has fared in love.

It will aired on TV tonight (Thursday) on Channel 4 at 9pm.

Since starring on the Channel 4 programme he has enjoyed new-found celebrity status.

He said: “I find it hard to believe it’s been two years since I was first on The Undateables.

“When I was asked if I would like to be involved in an update about my love life I was only too happy to take part.”

Justin was filmed playing crazy golf on a date.

“They did ask if I wanted to go clay pigeon shooting. I declined on health and safety grounds for the rest of the crew and anyone else close by!”

Justin’s fame led him to be head-hunted for a guest spot on the Jeremy Kyle Show last year.

He said: “It was great fun being interviewed by Jeremy.

“Luckily no DNA test was required!”

Once again, Justin was an instant hit with the viewers.

“When the show first went out I got noticed by a lot of young and old people,” he said,

“They would pull me aside and say ‘are you still seeing that cat lady you went out with on The Undateables?’ When kids approach me they just want to know what it was like to be on TV!

“Being on television has brought me recognition - and I’ve made a lot of friends from all parts of the world who have been really supportive.”

Justin has neurofibromatosis, a rare condition which causes nerve tissues to grow tumours. He lives with his beloved cat Leo and is still searching for that special someone.

He said: “I went away in the summer after The Undateables was aired and got recognised all the time. Lots of people wanted to have their picture taken with me and I was only too happy to oblige.”

Although Justin enjoyed his dating experiences, his encounters sadly didn’t end in romance. He said: “I would like a lady who is bubbly, chatty and who likes cats. I admit I am a bit of a flirt, but not in a creepy way.”

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A date for Justin’s latest appearance on The Undateables has yet to be finalised.