Rugby woman escapes being sent to prison after hurling racial abuse at her neighbour

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A Rugby woman who behaved intolerably towards her Polish neighbours, hurling racial abuse at them and eggs at their home, has narrowly escaped being jailed.

Tammy De’Amoko, 40, of Oswald Way, Rugby, had pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to two offences of racially aggravated harassment, having originally denied the charges.

She was sentenced to 15 months in prison suspended for two years, with two years supervision, and was ordered to take part in two probation-run programmes.

And she was warned by Judge Alan Parker, who described her behaviour as ‘intolerable,’ that if there is any breach of the order ‘I promise you I will send you to prison.’

Prosecutor Andrew Potter said that De’Amoko’s victims were three Polish people who had come to the UK to work.

In November 2011 they were living at an address in Oswald Way, where they got on with the rest of their neighbours who had accepted them into the community.

“But in contrast to their other neighbours, Miss De’Amoko took against them,” said Mr Potter.

On November 18 one of them was standing outside their home smoking when De’Amoko threw an egg at the complainant before shouting racial abuse.

Later that day one of the women was in the kitchen of the house from where she saw De’Amoko throw an egg in the direction of the property, but it fell short.

On November 24 one of them was at a petrol station when De’Amoko pulled up and shouted more racial abuse.

De’Amoko then drove off, but was later abusive towards them outside their home, grabbed a phone from one of them and threw it down, and threw an egg at the house.

There were further difficulties in the following three days, some of which were recorded, as she made it clear she did not want them in what she termed her country, said Mr Potter.

When De’Amoko was arrested she denied the offences, claiming it was she who had been racially abused by her victims, who the court heard have moved as a result of the abuse they suffered.

Mr Potter added that De’Aoko had previous convictions for dishonesty and in 2003, following an argument with her father, had directed racial abuse at people at the nearby West Indian Club.

Nick Devine, defending, told the judge: “The lady who appeared before you in June 2012 and entered a not guilty plea was a very different person to the one who appears before you now.

“Then she was living a chaotic lifestyle, not taking her medication and had mental health difficulties. She is now taking her anti-psychotic medication, is in a firm relationship and has been discharged from the mental health services.”

Mr Devine pointed out De’Amoko is herself of mixed race and has had her own problems with racial abuse in the past.

“She had this issue with her Polish neighbours which began as an issue over dogs. But all the bad behaviour was on her part; they did not provoke it in any shape or form. She is genuinely apologetic and remorseful,” he added.

Sentencing De’Amoko, Judge Parker told her: “I utterly and completely deplore your conduct towards your neighbours.

“No-one has the right to have the feelings you had, let alone express them in the way you did.

“You have tried to justify your behaviour in your discussions with the probation service, but your behaviour was intolerable. All people who have been the victims of intolerance have a duty to be tolerant towards others.

“I accept part of your problem is that you are vulnerable and have had mental health problems, and I am satisfied you need considerable help.

“But if there is any breach of any part of the order, you will be back before me – and I promise you I will send you to prison.”