Safety advice as Rugby firefighters plan to strike twice this weekend

Rugby firefighters striking in November
Rugby firefighters striking in November

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has announced that its members in England and Wales will take strike action again this weekend.

Firefighters will strike today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday), both from 6pm to 8pm.

These will be the fifth and sixth strikes since the end of September over its ongoing dispute with the Government over proposed changes to pensions

Rob Moyney, Area Commander for Warwickshire Fire and Rescue said: “Sadly the FBU has announced further strike dates for the evening of 13th and 14th December and we await developments as to what action short of a strike may entail locally. I can only repeat how regrettable this is and our hope that

this national dispute would have been resolved by now.

“Warwickshire FRS will once again implement its contingency plan to provide the best possible fire service to the community whilst strike action takes place.

“This strike will be held on Friday and Saturday evening when people may be out doing their Christmas shopping or be out visiting friends so we want the public to be extra vigilant and take extra care on the roads.

“Equally people may be relaxing at home putting up their Christmas decorations with lights and candles, whilst we want people to enjoy this time in the run up to celebrations, we also want people to be safe in their homes.

“Again to remind people we will be taking 999 calls during the strike but we won’t be able to respond to all requests as we anticipate a reduced level of cover. We have run a number of exercises to test our contingency planning to prepare for the strike.

“Our focus will be to prioritise calls where a life may be at risk or if someone needs to be rescued, our response must be to those most in need of our assistance.

“We would ask people to make 999 calls wisely so that only emergency calls are made but if in doubt then they must not hesitate to still call 999.

“We want the public to take extra care and have put safety information out and this can be viewed on our website”

Please be extra vigilant during the strike in the run up to

Christmas with our top tips:

Christmas Fire Safety Tips

1. Never leave candles unattended. Keep decorations, cards and wrapping paper away from candles, fires, lights and heaters.

2. Make sure you switch off fairy lights. Unplug them before you go to bed, or leave the house.

3. Ensure you have a working smoke alarm installed on all levels of your home. Test your smoke alarms weekly and never remove batteries to power presents!

4. Never leave cooking unattended and avoid cooking whilst drunk. The majority of fires start in the kitchen so this is a high risk area. Always turn off kitchen appliances when you have finished cooking.

5. Always use an RCD (residual current device) on outdoor electrical equipment (This safety device can save lives by instantly switching off the power if there is a fault and can be found in any DIY store).

6. Don’t overload sockets – ensure only one plug per socket. Always turn off plugs when they are not in use, except those that are designed to be left on, like freezers.

7. Make sure cigarettes are extinguished properly and never smoke in bed. Put it out, right out.

8. Check on older relatives and neighbours this Christmas to ensure their safety.

9. Keep candles, lighters and matches out of reach of children.

10. Check your Christmas tree lights conform to the British Standard (BS EN 60598) as these can go quickly out of control.

11. Make sure you have an escape plan. Remember to keep escape routes clear.

12. And finally, in the event of fire: get out, stay out and call 999.

For more fire safety tips see the attached link for-christmas