Safety fear over lorries parked in Somers Road industrial estate in Rugby

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A CONCERNED man is campaigning against lorries parking overnight in a Rugby industrial estate.

Laurie Smith, of Newland Street, had a near miss in his car when he visited Somers Road but couldn’t see oncoming traffic due to all the lorries parked on the industrial estate.

Mr Smith said: “I was turning out of one of the side roads and couldn’t see a thing. I edged out and nearly had my front off.

“My daughter had a near miss there the other day as well. The lorries park up at around 3.30pm and then stay there all night. They park half on the road and half on the path, nose to tail.”

Warwickshire County Council said that there are no public parking restrictions in Somers Road and would not introduce any unless the vehicles were causing a ‘serious public obstruction’.

Mr Smith said: “That is already happening. They need to stop them parking there.”