Sainsbury’s warehouse plans for DIRFT II delayed at Rugby Borough Council

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Talks about plans to build a huge new Sainsbury’s warehouse at DIRFT have been delayed.

Councillors on Rugby Borough Council’s planning committee were due to discuss the planning application at a meeting at the Town Hall last night (Wednesday).

However a spokesman for Rugby Borough Council said today (Thursday) that talks were deferred as an issue had arisen at the last minute which the applicant needed more time to address.

The planned Sainsbury’s unit on land between the A428 and A5 would be nearly 87,000 sq metres in size, plus have additional office space and parking for 789 cars and 260 HGVs. There would also be a new rail spur leading to the warehouse.

It would form part of the DIRFT II expansion.

The proposal from Prologis went before Daventry District Council’s planning committee on April 3, where it was approved.

Rugby Borough Council need to also give its approval as the site lies between the two authorities.

It is expected that Rugby councillors will make a decision on the application at the next planning meeting on May 22.