Sam’s fighting fit for TV adventures with Sinbad on Sky

Sam starring in new Sinbad show
Sam starring in new Sinbad show

A MARTIAL artist from Hillmorton will be hitting the small screen in July.

Sam Durrani, 30, has landed a role in Sky’s new fantasy drama series ‘Sinbad’ which re-imagines the eighth century legend for a 21st century audience.

Sam got the role of Raies after impressing at his audition with gymnastic, martial arts and acting skill.

He said: “I can’t say too much about the plot yet but Raies is a bad guy and he’s the reason that the events of the rest of the series happen. I don’t know what it is about me but I’ve always played bad guys even when I was doing theatre work.”

It’s an exciting time for Sam. In the middle of the four-week shoot in Malta for Sinbad he auditioned for and got a part in ‘World War Z’ a film starring Brad Pitt due to come out next year.

Although various jobs have taken Sam all around the world including stunt shows in China and Germany he still lives in Rugby when he’s not working.

His involvement with people and places around the town have helped him get to where he is.

He said: “I started as a gymnast with the Rugby Gymnastics Club which gave me a great foundation to go into martial arts and gave me a massive advantage over some other stunt men. There’s some very good martial arts instructors in Rugby, Barlow Wright, Vendon Wright and Patrick Carter are some that I have worked with.”

Sam is a rare talent as he can act and perform stunts. Alongside his acting role in Sinbad he also performed stunts for the programme.

He said: “It was some of the hardest work I’ve done as I was part of a group of guards chasing Sinbad and having to clear three-metre gaps in full chainmail with a daunting eight-foot drop below us.”

It will be a new experience for Sam to watch himself on television when Sinbad goes out.

“He hasn’t seen it yet but will most likely be with his family. He said: “I’ve only ever seen photos of me performing in theatre and stunt shows so it’ll be strange to see me acting.

“I’m a bit nervous to see it but in a way I’d rather be away working on something else and watch it later.

“I think it will do well though, it’s a family show the kind that everyone can sit down and watch as they have their tea on a Saturday night.”

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