Save thousands with new way to auction property

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CADMAN Homes estate agent in Rugby is now offering a new property auction system which it says allows vendors to sell their properties quickly, for the maximum market price and without having to pay any agency fees.

They are the only agent in the town to offer such a service, and they say it can save vendors thousands of pounds.

The system has been developed in response to the sluggish property market where it can often take many months to sell homes, leaving vendors frustrated and unable to release funds from their properties.

Adam McHenry, head of sales, said: “The Online Auction has been developed to meet all the needs of the vendor.

“Some local firms I’ve worked with charge the vendor around 2 per cent of the selling price, and up to £600 in upfront fees.

“It’s very different from the traditional style of auction which was primarily used to sell problem properties.”

He said this modern auction allows vendors to sell properties quickly and at a strong price.

“It effectively rules out gazumping because buyers place a non-refundable reservation which commits them to the purchase,” added Mr McHenry.

“Plus, perhaps the biggest bonus for vendors, they pay absolutely no commission or fees to us which is a massive saving.”

The other major advantage of this system over the traditional auction is that buyers are given 28 days to exchange contracts and a further 28 days to complete, making the process open to people who need to raise finance, which means a much larger potential purchaser base than traditional auctions which are more suited to cash buyers.

It also gives the vendor a definite date to move, removing the uncertainty which can happen with normal property sales.

If you want to sell your home before the cold sets in call (01788) 560905 to speak with Adam about the auction system, or their traditional property marketing service, from 1 per cent plus VAT.