Save your stamps for the Rugby Advertiser charity Stamp Appeal

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THE Rugby Advertiser is asking for your help to make a difference to the lives of people suffering from poverty and illness - and it’s easy.

Our Stamp Appeal is simply about collecting as many used British and foreign postage stamps as we can from our readers.

We have already gathered around 6,000 in just a few weeks from kind-hearted readers responding to a small notice in the paper earlier this year.

These will enable Oxfam to buy a pair of goats which would mean a family in Mozambique could escape poverty by producing milk and other items to sell at market.

Now we think we can do more. A collection of 9,500 stamps given to Oxfam buys a cow; 12,000 funds medicine for a village for three months; 45,000 stamps buys a solar-powered greenhouse for growing fruit and vegetables all year round and 205,000 stamps would pay for a new schoolroom complete with desks, chairs, books and pencils.

Proceeds from the Advertiser Stamp Appeal will also support people living with illness in this country through charity Leukaemia Care.

The stamps you collect will be processed by volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Rugby. Its members began collecting used stamps two years ago and so far about 40,000 have been donated in our town.

After the stamps have been collected, they are sorted into two categories - UK and overseas. They are then counted into batches of 500 and bagged.

Des Waddington from the church explained: “When the charities receive the stamps they sort them to identify any special stamps that might be particularly valuable or that make up a set.

“Oxfam sell bags of mixed stamps and cards of sets, sometimes a valuable stamp will be sent to auction or to collector contacts that they have.

“Leukaemia Care sell the stamps by weight and they are recycled for their silk content. Overseas stamps are generally worth more than UK stamps.”

We want to involve people in the Rugby area including schools, businesses and community groups and help collect thousands of stamps which will ultimately change people’s lives for the better.

Stamps can be dropped off at the Rugby Advertiser office at 2 Albert Street, Rugby CV21 2RS.

For more information about the Stamp Appeal please call Alice Dyer on (01788) 539969.