School parking concerns in Brownsover aired in Parliament

Traffic outside Avon Valley School earlier this year
Traffic outside Avon Valley School earlier this year

Difficulties being caused by motorists who park outside a Brownsover school have been discussed in Parliament.

Traffic problems, vandalism and verbal abuse are some of the issues making life difficult for people living near busy Rugby schools.

Residents living by Brownsover Community School say they avoid roads during school run time and fear it’s only a matter of time before someone is hurt or even killed because of careless drivers.

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey is concerned about the problem and has been visiting schools to see the issues first hand.

Speaking in the House of Commons, he said: “I recently joined pupils at Brownsover Community School in Rugby outside in the rain at going-home time to look at the careless parking outside the school by parents collecting their children. May we have a debate to consider measures to improve road safety around school gates and to consider what the barriers are to parents allowing their children to walk or cycle to and from school?”

William Hague, First Secretary of State and Leader of the House of Commons, said the MP was right to raise the problem.

He said: “Road safety around schools is a very important issue. My Honourable Friend is right to raise it.

“Local authorities have a statutory responsibility to provide appropriate traffic management schemes, and they can put in place ‘school keep clear’ markings, which are legally enforceable, to prohibit parking on a designated length of highway, including near a school, to improve road safety.”

Elisa Basnett, headteacher at Brownsover, is pleased the matter is being taken seriously.

She said: “We are trying really hard to address the ongoing problem of parking and congestion. Having now seen it first hand, we hope that Mr Pawsey is able to further support our cause, and that legislation can be put into place to address the problem.”