Schoolgirl Ruby is a gem!

Ruby shows off her new look.
Ruby shows off her new look.

A brave schoolgirl from Hillmorton had her long hair cut off on Saturday to help children with cancer.

Ruby Murphy, 13, who attends Rugby High School, grew her hair for more than a year so she could donate 13 inches to the Little Princess Trust.

She said: “I wanted to help a child with cancer - give them back their smile and their confidence.

“I had very long hair and I’m very lucky because it grows so quickly. I won’t miss it and by donating it I know I am helping somebody else who has lost their hair because of their illness.”

Ruby said she was nervous before the scissors worked their magic.

“I was nervous, but mainly excited,” she added.

“I would do it again too!”

Ruby has a twin brother Ethan and older sister, Eleanor and also lives with parents Brendan and Dee.

“It’s such an amazing act of kindness, to help other children who are less fortunate than her,” said Dee.

The charity also helps children with other conditions which also result in hair loss, the most common being alopecia.