Seven years jail for ‘horrible’ £2k robbery

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A Rugby pensioner was brutally beaten when a woman he had taken into his home betrayed his trust by letting in an accomplice who robbed him of more than £2,000.

In what a judge described as ‘a cynical and horrible plan,’ he was repeatedly hit over the head with a chair leg he kept for his own protection.

The robbery had been set up by Claire Long and was carried out by Christopher Longton-Green as Long played out a charade of trying to stop him.

Long, 27, of Saunton Road, Rugby, and 34-year-old Longton-Green, of Ashwood Court, Rounds Gardens, Rugby, were both jailed for seven years after

pleading guilty to the robbery at Warwick Crown Court.

Prosecutor Vicki Lofrese said that Long previously lived with the 72-year-old at his home in Wentworth Road for about nine years after falling out with her parents.

She and her brother continued to visit. When they did so in August last year her brother asked the pensioner, who had won around £2,000 at the bookies and was planning to use it for a holiday, for £10 and she asked for £5.

Although he knew she was likely to spend it on drugs, the pensioner gave them money from his wallet in which he also had his winnings. Long saw it.

Long returned later and sat down to watch television with him. After ten minutes the door flew open and in came Longton-Green, and the pensioner was

repeatedly hit over the head.

He fell to the floor where Longton-Green continued to hit him with a chair leg – which Long, who had just called him from their victim’ s phone, knew

the pensioner kept hidden under a cushion near the front door.

Judge Richard Griffith-Jones said: “There was a terrible breach of trust by her in which she must have envisaged force with a weapon would be used.

Whether she used any force herself is beside the point.”

Throughout the attack the old man heard Long saying ‘leave him alone’ – and when Longton-Green ran from the house, she also ran out to give the impression she was giving chase.

She then returned, claiming she had not been able to keep up with him, by which time the pensioner had discovered his wallet had been taken.

The old man was taken to hospital with a broken bone in his foot, cuts to his cheek, head and inside his mouth where a tooth had also been knocked

out, and extensive bruising all over his face.

And as well as his injuries and losing the money for his holiday, a £300 rug was ruined because of his blood over it.

Police found Longton-Green cowering under a bush with the wallet and the chair leg nearby, and he had a quantity of notes on him.

After first claiming it was he who had been attacked, Longton-Green admitted his guilt, but Long stuck to her story that she had not been involved and

had chased her accomplice. David Everett, for Longton-Green, said Long had also jumped on the old man during the attack, and Longton-Green had got ‘a little under half ’of the money for his role.

He said Longton-Green had written a letter to the court in which he wrote of his shame for his despicable behaviour and saying he hates himself for what

he did.

Jailing the two, who both had previous convictions, Judge Griffith-Jones told them: “It was a cynical and horrible plan to attack a man with a chair leg

which you Claire Long knew to be in the house, although the ex-cessive violence may not have been in your contemplation.”