Shaun Walters arrested for jumping off American skyscraper

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RUGBY man Shaun Walters has been arrested after jumping off a 250ft skyscraper in Chicago - for fun.

The 44-year-old, who went to Rugby School, ‘base jumped’ from the 25th floor of the half-finished block but landed next to a police officer.

Walters, who grew up in Plantagenet Drive, Bilton, is due to appear in court in Chicago next month.

He told a Chicago TV news station: “I could tell the building was under construction by just looking at it. The rear was just free access. It wasn’t even boarded up or anything. No security.”

The skydiving instructor said he had learned his lesson and would stick to more legal forms of the extreme ‘sport’

“Hopefully I’ll get back my base-jumping gear which has been confiscated,” he said.

“I just want my gear back.”

His father Graham, who still lives in Bilton, said: “I wasn’t really surprised when I heard about Shaun’s latest jump.”

Base jumping is a highly dangerous activity that can easily injure or kill participants.

For jumpers, leaping out of an aeroplane at 15,000 feet and freefalling at well over 100 mph isn’t quite daring enough.

To make things more interesting, they jump off various cliffs and man-made objects, usually at a low altitude with only a few seconds to deploy the parachute.