Signs of Disorder at Rugby’s Floor One Gallery

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Coventry studio-based artist Bernard Charnley has linked up with the Floor One Gallery, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, to exhibit an experimental body of paintings.

From Saturday February 1 for two weeks, visitors can enjoy Signs Of Disorder, a colourful selection of small and larger scale works, where plastic toy soldiers, bemused civilians and assorted animals find themselves according to the artist: “on stage in the middle of a roadworks of demolished and reconstructed frames and images.”

The artist, who trained at Leeds College Of Art and gained an MA in Philosophy later in life, said he explored philosophy in his art “to find out a bit more about how we all think”. The resulting body of work has been exhibited at home and abroad and Bernard is now looking forward to showing in the heart of the Midlands.

He said: “The Rugby venue is a fabulous space and great for visiting by all ages. Its a real pleasure to be able to show this new work there.”

Bernard’s themes touch upon the human condition and our ways of representing the world around us. He said: “I like to think that what I try to do is a mix of the serious and the theatre of the absurd, or the comic and the tragic. It’s probably my way of filtering the kind of conflicted age we are living in. The colour and energy of the work is an intuitive counter-point to that reflection.”

“My work process is often a kind of layering that pushes the extremes of image construction as a research in itself. It is also a metaphoric device that references the human and the political. The materiality that results engages a sense of the ruptures and texture of lives under pressure and over time. Colour acts as a redemptive energy, a resistance to closure and fact. The whole process is a kind of archeology of the present.”

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