Singing kitty from Rugby seen by millions of people around the globe

A Rugby cat has become a worldwide sensation after starring in the latest ad campaign for Three mobile.

Bronte the ‘singing’ cat from Rugby can be seen on the new advert, which was officially released on Friday.

Bronte and her owner Caroline Bailey-Read from Rugby.

Bronte and her owner Caroline Bailey-Read from Rugby.

The seven-month-old is now receiving worldwide media attention and has had more than two and a half million views on YouTube.

Her owners Caroline and Lyndon Bailey-Read, who live with Bronte in Rugby, say they are very proud of their pet.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Caroline said: “I’m pretty chuffed. It’s quite emotional seeing her on TV when she’s sat next to you.”

Bronte, who was three months old when the advert was made, can be seen sitting in a bike basket with a little girl who is racing down the road to the sound of Starship’s 1985 power anthem We Built This City.

Bronte, whose full name is Simcris Bronte Bronjoy, is singing along.

Caroline said: “What you see is what you get. Bronte is in the basket. She’s riding around and looking to camera.

“The only thing they had to do was make her mouth move.

“Getting up, paws on the front of the basket was no problem.

“Bronte and Jolie - the little girl - were heaven. You couldn’t have got a better pair working together.”

Caroline, who breeds cats, received a phone call from the production company after seeing from her website that she has exotic shorthairs.

She said: “We had another cat in mind - an older boy. But as soon as they walked in they saw Bronte and said ‘that’s the cat we want’. It all went from there.”

Bronte had a personal trainer flown in from Los Angeles to work with her ahead of filming. They then spent a week on location in Watford Hertfordshire making the advert.

Click here for a video of Bronte and to see the advert BRONTE ADVERT