Ska legend launches new ale for Rugby

Kat, Ash and Shaun.
Kat, Ash and Shaun.

Ska legend Iain Ashby launched a new ale at a Rugby bar last week.

The performer raised a glass or two of Trojan Skinhead Reggae, brewed by Marstons, with special guests at the London House in Chapel Street.

Iain said: “To celebrate the success of the London House since Shaun Banks and Kat Tilley took over, the brewery have crafted a beer in their honour.

“It’s the first skinhead/Trojan beer to be introduced in any British pub as far as we know and was launched with music supplied by legendary skinhead DJ Dave Boss Griffin who travelled from Wales to sample it.”

Shaun said the drink has been brewed to celebrate the Trojan record label and its message of love and harmony.

He added: “It’s got a fruity, fresh aromatic bouquet with overtones of oak vats.”