Slim Your Bin campaign launches in Rugby

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THE Warwickshire Waste Partnership is launching an Aerofoil campaign as part of the county’s Slim Your Bin campaign.

The Aerofoil campaign has been funded by Alupro to encourage households to recycle aerosol cans and foil containers in their kerbside recycling collection.

The aluminium and steel used in these containers can be recycled endlessly without losing quality, so it is a really effective way for households to help reduce carbon emissions, save energy and ease the pressure on landfill sites.

Cllr Helen Walton, Warwickshire County Council’s waste management spokesperson, said: “Most households are familiar with recycling their empty food and drinks cans, but may be less sure about how to recycle aerosol cans and foil containers. People have all sorts of aerosols lying around all over the house – under the kitchen sink, on dressing tables and in the bathroom. Foil packaging is equally common, as it is used for everything from take-away trays and pie cases to oven-ready meals. All these items can be recycled, so we would like to remind households not to leave any stone, or can, unturned!”

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If you would like more information on how to recycle using your kerbside scheme please log onto or call (01788) 533533