Small change makes a big difference to the Friends of St Cross appeal

Michelle Giles, Senior Phlebotomist, Jane Wood and Heather Green
Michelle Giles, Senior Phlebotomist, Jane Wood and Heather Green

Generous patients have placed 40,000 five pence pieces into tubes at the Hospital of St Cross to help fund improvements.

The donations have been made in support of the Friends of St Cross Diamond Jubilee Appeal, which will fund the relocation and improvement of the blook taking unit.

The charity has now committed a total of £130,000 to the project.

Friends volunteer Jane Wood recently presented the chairperson, Heather Green, with a 5p enclosed in a glass piggy bank after she thought up the clever fundraising idea.

Explaining the initiative, Heather said: “I find 5p pieces to be a bit fiddly, so I take them out of my purse and save them up for one thing or another. I am sure that lots of people do the same and this is a way that people can become engaged in the appeal without making an effort that they might find difficult.”

Members of the blood taking team built on the idea by offering specimen tubes in which supporters could collect their 5p pieces.

Willy Goldschmidt, vice chairman of the charity, said: “The timing of Jane’s gift was superb as we have just passed another milestone in the appeal which has now received 40,000 5p pieces from the collection drums located in blood taking and out patients. This equates to £2,000 or nearly 1,000 individual contributions of a pot filled with 5p pieces.”

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