Sparkling comedy gives Rugby actresses a chance to shine

Shakers Re-stirred runs from November 15 - 22
Shakers Re-stirred runs from November 15 - 22
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A sparkling black comedy by an acclaimed playwright is giving some of Rugby Theatre’s top female actors a chance to shine.

Shakers Re-stirred runs at the Henry Street theatre from November 15-22.

The play is by John Godber, one of the most performed writers in the English language, who is probably best known for the smash hits Up ‘n’ Under and Bouncers.

It features four young Rugby stars Hayley Smith, Catherine Landers, Faye Wallace and Siobhan Healey, who play cocktail waitresses at a town centre bar called Shakers.

The quartet also play a range of other characters, both male and female, while telling their own stories, and explaining how they ended up working in a cocktail bar.

First time director John Harrison said: “The original Shakers was written in 1984. This version was ‘re-stirred’ in 1991 with a few modern references thrown in for good measure.

“It’s often described as the female version of Bouncers, and it provides a wonderful vehicle to showcase the talents of some of our many female performers at Rugby Theatre.

“It can certainly be described as a black comedy. The content flits from raucous observational humour to really powerful thought-provoking drama. It tackles themes we can all relate to, like unemployment, trust, ambition and the family in quite an edgy, gritty way.”

Tickets cost £11 and £12 and are available from the box office on (01788) 541234, or