Spate of shed break-ins and bicycle thefts in Cambridge Street area of Rugby

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RESIDENTS of a Rugby street are warning neighbours and others in town about a spate of burglaries and attempted break-ins in the area.

Chris Cartwright was one of the residents of Cambridge Street who has been targeted by thieves in the last dew days. He discovered his bike had been stolen on Saturday.

Chris said: “Materially the bike is worth pennies but practically it was priceless as it was my only means of getting to work at Magna Park in Lutterworth after I had my motorbike stolen last year.

“Times are very hard and we are a young family who rely on my wages as a sole income. I simply don’t have the money to throw at new means of transport every time some little scrote who has probably never worked a day in their lives decides they want to help themselves to my hard-earned possessions.”

Another Cambridge Street resident, Cheryl Florence, said that there were at least two men in her garden on Sunday night trying to break into her shed. From her garden they jumped into the one next door and broke the fence.

Cheryl, who posted a warning on Facebook prompting a huge reaction, said: “The response indicated that this type of petty crime is rampant throughout Rugby and I feel the more awareness that is made, the more vigilant the community will be.”

Other residents in Cambridge Street, Clifton Road, Hunter Street, Sun Street and Oxford Street have also reported shed break-ins in the last few days with several bikes stolen and tool boxes taken.

During the last few weeks there has also been widespread burglaries and thefts across the borough. Police are warning residents to be alert and be on the lookout for suspicious people.