Speak Brother ‘honoured’ to launch Rugby’s official World Cup song

Enjoy Rugby Festival kicks off on September 12
Enjoy Rugby Festival kicks off on September 12

The band behind the town’s official Rugby World Cup song said they are ‘honoured’ to be part of the celebrations.

‘Lion’s Roar’, by popular band Speak Brother will be the soundtrack to the tournament as people from all over come to celebrate the event in the birthplace of the game.

Speak Brother recorded the song with primary school children

Speak Brother recorded the song with primary school children

Commissioned by Rugby FM and Rugby Borough Council, Lion’s Roar is a musical celbration of the town’s most famous export - the game of rugby.

The song echoes themes of unity, identity and courage through adversity.

Over the last few months, the band has been working on the song with primary schools across the borough. They hosted an event at the Benn Hall as part of the Rugby Festival of Culture to record 400 children singing the song.

The recording of the children singing went on to the final track for the release, which is out on September 11 and currently available on pre-order.

A music video is also being released, which features fans, families and children from primary schools and local rugby clubs singing along.

James Herring, from Speak, Brother said: “This is a really exciting time for us and we are honoured to have a role in the Rugby World Cup celebrations.”

The exciting new song will be launched at a special event on September 12 at Lawrence Sheriff School from 6pm to 9pm.

The celebration evening will include music, comedy and a special set from Speak, Brother, including a performance of ‘Lions Roar’.

Speak Brother are a Warwickshire trio, renowned for their rustic melodies, rousing choruses and rich vocal harmonies. They have appeared on stages

from folk clubs to festivals, including The Great Escape and Wychwood Festival, whilst earning an honourable mention at the 2014 International

Songwriters’ Competition final thanks to acclaimed single Dry Bones.

Lions Roar will feature on their second EP, which will be released in Autumn this year.

For more information, go to speakbrother.co.uk/lions-launch
Enjoy Rugby Festival kicks off on September 12 and will offer a range of activities and events for families and sports fans.