Special needs school raises funds to build a beach for its Rugby pupils

Headteacher Chris Pollitt with staff and students at Brooke School
Headteacher Chris Pollitt with staff and students at Brooke School

A special needs school is raising £17,000 to build a beach in its grounds for pupils to enjoy and learn in.

Brooke School, in Overslade Lane, Rugby, hopes to install the feature to help students engage with a different type of environment.

Some students struggle to access regular beaches due to their disabilities, so the purpose-built space will be ideal for them to enjoy safely.

Chris Pollitt, headteacher at Brooke School, said: “We are hoping to develop a small beach at Brooke to further develop the provision for our amazing children and young people.

“We are already lucky enough to have a farm and forest school, but a beach would be something spectacular for our very special community.

“The Beach School movement is gaining momentum across the south coast of England, with more schools using their local beach to develop learning. The whole beach will be surrounded by a fence for safety reasons and will be landscaped to look a lot like beaches around the coast.”

Mr Pollitt added: “Unfortunately it is a long journey for any of our students to a beach. Equally, when many of our learners get to those beaches, physical difficulties mean that it is difficult to go far or even enter water or rock pools. Our designs aim to provide a network of paths through different textures of sand and water features including rock pools and shallow ponds.”

The Wooden Spoon charity has been supporting the fundraising project.