Speed enforcement campaign launched by Warwickshire Police

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POLICE are urging to respect the speed limit following the launch of a new speed enforcement campaign in Warwickshire.

Supt Adrian McGee, from Warwickshire Police said: “With excess speed being a factor in over 25% of all deaths on the roads it is understandable that families do not want motorists speeding past their homes and often ask the police and councils to do something about people who drive too fast.

“At the moment, with school holidays, warm days and evenings, children are out visiting friends and playing near where they live. It is even more important to slow down and expect the unexpected.”

Collisions happen in moments.

Children are small and can run out from behind parked cars as they are still developing their safety awareness skills.

Adults too are out enjoying the warmer weather visiting friends or inspired to do more exercise by the Olympics and paralympics.

In response to the concerns of local communities, over the coming weeks Safer Neighbourhood Team officers will be using portable speed measuring devices to measure traffic speed on local roads. If you are found speeding you could be issued with a £60 fixed penality notice and 3 points or a summons to court where the Magistrate will decided the penalty. Anyone stopped on suspicion of speeding will be breath tested.

Local Community Speed Watch Groups will be using the same equipment to monitor traffic speed and encourage motorists to keep their speed down as they travel through their communities. If you are found travelling at an inappropriate speed you will receive an advice letter from Warwickshire Police asking you to mind your speed in the future. Persistent offenders who ignore speeds limits and continue to pose a risk to the safety of others may face further police enforcement action.

Speeding motorists also risk being caught on one of the county’s many Safety Cameras. Motorists captured on camera face a range of penalties from having to attend a Speed Awareness Course to a fine or court summons.

Speed is also an issue on our main roads. Throughout the UK over 700 people die and 4500 people are injured every year whilst breaking the speed limit or driving too fast for the conditions.

Supt McGee said “Often drivers kid themselves that they will be ok, but the higher the speed the higher the risk of serious injury as you will have less time to react.”

“Please respect your own safety and the safety of others by respecting the speed limit.”