Staff form own ‘Groundforce’ to help village

The village of Lilbourne will undergo a makeover on Friday when it welcomes a team of volunteers from a development company.

Once a year Prologis shuts down all its offices for the day so staff from each site can work on a community project known as Impact Day.

This year the employees based at its Solihull office have chosen to help the residents of Lilbourne. The village is located close to the new DIRFT III facility, which is being developed by Prologis.

“Prologis is very community-conscious and we are delighted they have chosen Lilbourne to do a sort of ‘Groundforce’ improvement,” said Jan Alexander, vice-chair of Lilbourne Parish Council. “We are expecting around 30 volunteers on the day.”

The village received further good news from Prologis when the company announced it was planning a barrier zone between the village and DIRFT III.

Called Lilbourne Meadows, this will be landscaped and handed over to a trust who will maintain it in perpetuity.

Following discussions with Tony Lamb, retiring chair of the parish council, Prologis has also agreed to support the development of new play and leisure facilities.