Stagecoach bus company announce pay increase on tickets for Rugby passengers

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RISING fuel costs have forced a Rugby bus company to increases its fares.

Stagecoach Midlands has announced that it has been forced to increase its fares in the Rugby area from April 17 as a result of rising costs.

The Midlands company faces an increase of 13.1 per cent on its fuel bill, costing an extra £620,000 per year, in addition to higher costs for pay and energy bills.

From April 17, the Rugby dayrider will rise by 10p to £4 for one day’s unlimited travel and the megarider price will rise by 60p to £12.90 for one week’s unlimited travel. Single and return fares will increase by an average of 4.9 per cent.

Managing Director Steve Burd, said: “We suffer the same inflation costs as our passengers, and have worked hard to keep our fare increase to the minimum. Our average fare increase is much lower than the increased cost of private motoring, and our dayrider and megarider tickets offer even better value for our passengers, with a four-weekly megarider costing as little as £1.57 per day. We have also decided to freeze online prices for 4, 13 and 52 week passes until end of June.

“We will continue to offer value for money public transport and with the rocketing cost of motoring switching to greener, smarter bus travel makes even more sense than ever.”

A summary of the current and new prices in Rugby are listed below:

Ticket type - Current price - New price

All adult single fares between 70p & £1.55 will increase by 5p 70p - £1.55 75p - £1.60

All adult single fares between £1.65 & £2.55 will increase by 10p £1.65 - £2.55 £1.75 - £2.65

All adult single fares between £2.70 & £3.50 will increase by 15p £2.70 - £3.50 £2.85 - £3.65

All adult single fares above £3.70 will increase by 20p £3.70 and higher £3.90 and higher

1 day dayrider £3.90 £4.00

7 day megarider £12.30 £12.90

1 day dayrider Gold £7.00 (£3.50 Sundays) £7.50 (£3.75 Sundays)

7 day megarider Gold £20.00 £21.00