Standalone gate puzzles Hillmorton residents

The gate has puzzled residents.
The gate has puzzled residents.

The appearance of a standalone five bar gate in Hillmorton left residents baffled.

But the gate is part of a plan, orchestrated by the The Hillmorton Village Greens Association, to go for gold in the Heart of England In Bloom competition.

The gate will soon be adorned with planters at either end and a ‘welcome to Hillmorton’ plaque will form the centre of the display.

It sits on patch of green where Deerings Road meets High Street. Hillmorton previously won a silver award in the small town category as part of the Heart of England in Bloom competition.

The lone gate, which will not be connected to a fence or wall, raised questions online, with some even quipping it is the ‘Gareth South-Gate’ in honour of the England Football Team’s manager.